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Mova Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a leading provider of advanced security and surveillance solutions as its brand name “Realeye”. The company manufacture and import the wide range of advanced surveillance equipments and is committed to acquiring worlds best technology and expanding its product portfolio. It offers customized solutions for both business and residential customers. The security product line includes the flagship CCTV cameras, Digital video recorder, Video door phones, Speed dome cameras, and home security. 

Mova Systems Pvt. Ltd offers a wealth of experience from every industry sector. Its internationally experienced staff undergoes the most thorough training and qualification process to ensurethat impartial information, guidance, training and assessment is provided to: 

  • Manage social, environmental and economic risks

  • Improve operational effectiveness

  • Reduce costs

  • Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction

  • Protect your reputation

  • Achieve continual improvement

The Four Segments of Mova Systems Pvt. Ltd. are 

Companies who utilizes Mova Systems Pvt. Ltd. benefits from its

  • Global Presence

  • Reputation for reducing clients' risk and meeting their deadlines

  • Highly qualified technical specialists and personnel

  • Nearly 10 year's worldwide experience

  • Consistent world-class service

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